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2 Cheapest Solutions to Back up Your Photos & Videos (No Monthly Fees)

Since everyone has a camera in their pocket via their smartphone, it is natural to have an abundance of photos and videos. We rely on these images and videos to record memories of special events. But are those images truly safe? What if you lose those images?

backup family pictures

Potential Problems That Backups Resolve

Most people struggle to come up with a way to back up their images. You do not want to lose your memories. What happens if all the photos of your baby’s first year are accidentally erased? Or you lose the photographic evidence of meeting your favorite celebrity?

The obvious solution is to back up your images and videos, but you need to decide how to go about doing this. Most online backup services are very expensive, with high monthly fees that last forever. Or you can stick to the free versions and only have room for a handful of photos and videos.

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Dropbox pricing. expensive plans

In addition to ensuring you never lose your precious memories, using a backup can help if your phone simply does not have enough space. Using a backup lets you remove the files you do not need regularly but still access them at your convenience.

Do Not Underestimate Data Loss

Even if you are not concerned about the potential loss of your photos and videos, you should be. Consider these facts:

  •      31% of PC users experience file loss due to events they could not control.
  •      140,000 hard drives crash weekly in the U.S. alone.

Remember that if you become one of those statistics, your memories will be lost. Avoid losing your memories with the right affordable backup.

We Checked and Found the Cheapest Backups for Desktop & Mobile

After extensive research, we found the two cheapest and most reliable solutions to backup your photos and videos with absolutely no monthly fees.

1. PhotoStick for Mobile & Desktop

PhotoStick is available for either mobile devices or your desktop. This convenient solution only requires a single payment. You just plug your PhotoStick into your computer’s USB port, open the program, and let the software do its job. It will automatically transfer and sort your photos and video.

Use the mobile version in the same way by plugging it into your phone once you install the appropriate app. PhotoStick automatically finds all the photos and video on your computer and removes duplicate files. There is also no installation required. It is available in three sizes: 8, 64, or 128 GB.

2. pCloud

Those who prefer a cloud solution will love pCloud, which also just requires a one-time payment. You can choose a Premium Plan with 500 GB of storage plus 500 GB of download link traffic. Or go with the Premium Plus Plan to increase both figures to 2 TB.

In either case, your single payment lasts for your lifetime. The data gets synced across devices, and you get quick downloads. There are also automatic uploads and the ability to send or share photos and video.

Which to Choose?

Both PhotoStick and pCloud offer convenience via a one-time fee. Either is a good option, but each one appeals to a certain type of person. If you prefer hardware storage, have a more limited budget at the moment, or do not need an excessive amount of space, go with PhotoStick. If you need a vast amount of space and want cloud storage, go with pCloud.


Whether you choose PhotoStick or pCloud, you will never have to worry about future fees. A one-time payment can give you peace of mind that you will not lose your files from a hard drive crash or another problem. Best of all, both PhotoStick and pCloud only have a low, one-time payment without any monthly fees, contrasting sharply with other products that require high monthly fees.

Back up your memories before you miss your chance and lose them from a tech failure. Read the in-depth reviews of PhotoStick and pCloud to get a better feel for which of these affordable options to go with:


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