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AirBolt review: The Innovative Luggage Lock that fights thieves and makes keys obsolete

Every person’s worst nightmare is losing their belongings or worse yet, having something valuable stolen from a checked piece of luggage.

As a result of this fear, travel locks have become more prevalent than ever before. The problem is, not all locks work as required. As a matter of fact, you can easily cut most of them, and there is always an annoying possibility you may lose the keys.

So what should you do?

I urge you to invest in a travel lock that actually meets your needs and requirements, such as the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock. Unlike most, if not all, TSA – compliant traveling locks, the AirBolt works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, so you effortlessly lock and unlock it with a single push of a button on your Android or iOS device. That’s right, AirBolt does not need a combination or key to unlock.


AirBolt protects your luggage from theft

This travel lock is also weather resistant and comes with a rechargeable battery. Better yet, besides the cool fact that you unlock the device by pushing a button in the app, you can also set a standby passcode to prevent anyone from using your handset to unlock the device without your authorization.

If for some reason, you reach your destination, but your belongings do not, the built-in “crowdsourced” tracking feature can help you identify your bag’s last location; which in turn could help the airline locate your luggage.

With AirBolt, you can also track your belongings. Using the app on your handset, you can sound alarms to help you find your luggage if it’s hidden from view, or set an alarm to sound when your bag moves a certain distance away.

Luggage and bag with Airbolt lock

Here’s a summary of AirBolt’s benefits

  • Unlocks with Phone (No Keys!): The AirBolt is a Bluetooth enabled travel lock so you’ll never need to worry about losing your combinations or keys again.
  • Long Lasting Battery: AirBolt’s battery life is astoundingly long despite the fact the device remains on constantly. Dependent upon how often you travel or use the device, you may only need to charge it once a year: and when you need to, the battery charges quickly.
    It comes with a micro USB cable you can use to ensure your AirBolt stays juiced up.
  • Weather Resistant: This stroke of genius has been manufactured using tough and weather resistant material, which explains its impressive durability. Rainfall is not a problem.
  • 100% TSA accepted: The AirBolt is officially TSA approved and meets all relevant legislative requirements for the device to be flight ready. AirBolt also comes with a timed Airplane mode that allows you to turn off the BT transmitter for a specific amount of time amidst flights.
  • Shared Access: If you are traveling with family or friends, you can grant everyone else access to the device so you won’t be the only person managing the luggage situation. If something shady happens, you can always check the lock’s access history within the app to find out who the culprit is. But note: you can only access AirBolt with one phone at a time. If you lose your phone, or your battery dies, you can download the AirBolt app on a different phone, sign in to your account, and unlock the AirBolt.
  • Extremely Secure: The AirBolt utilizes a state-of-the-art Bluetooth LE chipset and is secured using AES 128-bit industry-leading encryption which provides ample security. When you unlock the device from your mobile phone, it will relock itself after a specified period of time if you do not remove it, preventing accidental unlocking. Moreover, AirBolt is not a hefty or overbearing device. In fact, the device won the 2017 Good Design Awards in Australia thanks to its hard to beat aesthetic appeal. Welcome to the future, my friend!

Setting up AirBolt

Setting up AirBolt is pretty straightforward. Simply download the application from App Store or Play store, install it in your phone, and open it to sign up for an account.

Once you’ve created the account, you need to set up the device by pairing it with your handset. To do this, hold both the left and right buttons on your AirBolt for a few seconds to wake it up and follow the prompts.

AirBolt will require you to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth signal so the device can pair and connect to your phone automatically.

How much does Airbolt cost?

The AirBolt retails at a hard to beat price of $78.99 on getairbolt.io and comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty. Better yet, if you buy 2 pieces, you Get 1 free, and if you purchase 3, you get 2 free. Note though; this deal won’t last forever. For more information, head over to getairbolt.io.


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