fixd device in obd2

How I stopped fear from costly car repairs using a small device called Fixd

I used to get really irritated when the check engine light lit up on my car’s dashboard. Not only didn’t I know what the problem was, but I knew that it would cost at least $100 just to diagnose why the light came on, and then plenty more to make the repair. And who knew if there was even a repair necessary? Then I heard about an amazing little device – FIXD, that was not only inexpensive, but made it possible for me to quickly and easily determine EXACTLY why the check engine light turned on in the first place.

fixd device in obd2
Fixd Obd2 scanner. Your car’s problems in plain English

I’m not the least bit mechanical, but FIXD has made taking care of my car much simpler (and less expensive!) than I ever imagined

FIXD does a whole lot more than telling you why your check engine light turned on. And it tells you directly, without having to deal with a mechanic who you may not even trust, telling you what they think needs to be done.

holding fixd obd2 scanner
Auto mechanic in you hand

Installation of FIXD into my car’s OBD (on-board diagnostic) port was quick and simple. I just plugged it in, paired it with the free FIXD app (available for iphone and Android) and downloaded to my smartphone. I immediately received easy-to-understand, real-time information about warning lights, the severity of the problem, whether I needed to pull to the side of the road, or if it was okay to continue driving to my destination.

Scheduled oil change and maintenance advisories have also been sent as needed, making sure that I don’t miss important services for maintaining my car’s reliability. And the incredible FIXD device also tells me what the estimated repair costs are for the diagnosed issue.

If your car is a 1996 model year or later, FIXD will work for you!

If you’re wondering if the FIXD device will work in your U.S.-built gas, diesel or hybrid vehicle, the answer is almost certainly, yes. The only exceptions are cars or trucks built before 1996, and  electric cars. Cars built in the U.S. by all manufacturers, domestic and imported, are required to have an OBD port. Why? Because this is the exact same port that small shop and auto dealer mechanics use when you bring your car to them for diagnosis.

Wouldn’t it be great to save money on auto repairs?

Very few people have a mechanic that they trust 100%, but because we’re not auto repair “experts”, we leave it to someone with training and experience to tell us what repairs are necessary. This can be a very expensive proposition, but with FIXD you can easily save thousands by doing some simple diagnosis on your own. Think how great it will feel to go to an auto mechanic and tell them what you want done!
News Channels Are Raving About Fixd

Also, the easy-to-use FIXD app works for multiple vehicles, so if your family has several cars, you only need one device. They also make great gifts for your kids who are moving out on their own or headed off to college. Remove the worry of something going wrong with their car and you’re not around or they live out of town. They just need to access their smartphone and they, too, will instantly know what the problem is.

Yes, it’s true. At first I was a skeptic, too. Then I checked out what the experts were saying about the FIXD device

After I watched this great short video that I found on the internet, the deal was sealed.  Take a look for yourself and see if it also turns you into a believer:

Is it worth $60?

If you are thinking that the FIXD device is expensive, think again. In fact, FIXD is so affordable that it will pay for itself, and many times over, in no time at all.

FIXD comes with a money-back guarantee, and there are special offers for purchasing multiple devices, making it even more affordable.

If you buy one, you can get a second device for 50% off. Or, better yet, buy two and get a third, absolutely FREE! It came as no surprise to me that more than 50,000 FIXD diagnostic devices are sold every month.

NOW is the time to take control of your auto expenses and stop getting ripped off! Know what is really wrong before you speak with a mechanic, ensuring that only necessary repairs are being made.

Buy FIXD today, and your automotive concerns will quickly fade away >>


Unfortunately, Fixd is not suitable for your car

Fixd is suitable for you car!