crashsafe 6 in 1 tool

CrashSafe – The 6-in-1 Survival Tool That Will Save Your Life During an Emergency in the Car

CrashSafe 6-in-1 is an all-in-one emergency tool designed to free you from an auto during an emergency effectively. If you are in a car crash you might become trapped if your seatbelt will not release, the door won’t open, or the windows will not roll down. Having the CrashSafe 6-in-1 can be the difference between life and death. The survival tool provides you with the ability to free yourself from the confines of the damaged vehicle.

crashSafe is the solution for car sinking
Car sinking can be fatal

Life-Saving Tools of CrashSafe 6-in-1

The CrashSafe 6-in-1 is designed to be carried and charged in an auto. The device is always on hand in the vehicle to help you escape potentially life-threatening roadside emergencies.

It includes six unique life-saving tools:

  • Window Smasher
  • Seatbelt Cutter
  • Flashlight
  • Red Beacon
  • Power Bank
  • Phone Charger

crashsafe 6 in 1 tool


Retired fireman’s warning: This must-have car safety device can save your life:

The CrashSafe 6-in-1 is the Ultimate Survival Tool

Possessing the CrashSafe 6-in-1 survival tool might be the difference between life and death. If your auto is on fire or sinking into a large body of water, then every second will count. The visibility might be impaired due to excessive smoke or murky water. You have only seconds or minutes to escape the vehicle. The CrashSafe 6-in-1 is a specially designed tool that lets you handle dangerous auto conditions on the road when there isn’t time to wait for the arrival of first responders.


crashsafe led flashlight
Also a LED flashlight

Offers the Ability to Save Yourself in an Emergency

Emergency auto situations such as a crash, flash flood, or getting stuck due to adverse climate conditions are prevalent. Unfortunately, getting trapped in your auto during such an event could prove fatal. Imagine if your vehicle is on fire and filling with smoke, or you have skidded off the road into a lake, and the car is filling with water.

Often unbuckling your seatbelt is impossible, electric windows may not roll down after a crash, and then what if you try to open the door of the car but its struck? In such dire circumstances, you might only have minutes to free yourself from the auto. With the CrashSafe 6-in-1, you can save yourself. Please watch this video for more information on this phenomenal survival tool.


The Main Features of CrashSafe 6-in-1

  • Seat Belt Cutter: Features a built-in seat belt cutter.
  • Window Breaker:  Quickly break the window with one strike to free yourself from the auto.
  • Emergency Beacon: Features a bright red flashing light to signal passing motorists and summon help.
  • Ultrabright LED Flashlight: The device features a bright flashlight that provides four hours of light.
  • USB Charger: Charges using your car’s 12-volt charger and also features a USB port so you can simultaneously charge your cell phone using the device.
  • Built-in 2200 mAh Power Base: You can charge your phone using the portable charger.
crachsafe - 6 in 1
CrachSafe. 6 in 1 tool

The Cost of the CrashSafe  6-in-1

The CrashSafe 6-in-1 is only $49 plus shipping and handling. If you want to buy for family or you want to give the safety tool as a gift, then you can buy two get one free or buy three and get two free with free shipping. For superior savings, buy five and receive five free with free shipping. The overall value for the money when you purchase more than one is undeniable so you can place one in every auto you own or give them to family and friends.

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