essio shower diffuser

Essio Review: Turn Your Typical Shower Into a Sensational Spa in Less than 60 second

Have you ever needed to unwind after a long day, but a regular shower doesn’t cut it? You want a spa experience, but can’t make the time? What if you could feel like you were at the spa from the comfort of your own shower? Introducing Essio.

essio shower diffuser

What is Essio?

Essio is an aromatherapy shower diffuser designed to replicate the sensory experience of a spa right in your home shower.

Essio is the world’s first aromatherapy shower diffuser! What does that do for you? It means that you can have the wonderful scents and aromas that glorify the air at your favorite spa right at home in your shower. Essio simulates classic spa treatments by turning your regular showering session into a relaxing, rejuvenating experience unmatched by any other product.

How Does Essio Work?

Essio is attachable to most shower heads and diffuses 100% natural, all-essential oils into the hot water. There are several different scents available.

Essio is an easily-attachable arm which clips right onto your shower head neck; this simple design allows it to fit right onto most types of home showers. It takes less than 60 seconds to install Essio into your shower. A bulb with 100% natural essential oils is inserted into a receptacle right next to your shower head. The bulb slowly releases a steady amount of the oil, and this amount is tunable for higher or lower concentrations so that you can create the perfect amount of aroma for your showering experience. The arm is adjustable, too!

3 different bulbs for different moods and aromas

Essio comes with 3 different bulbs of essential oils, each for a different mood, and all of them refillable!

A purchase of Essio comes with three signature oil types, each for a different mood and aroma.

  1. The Unwind Scent– for relaxing after a day at work.
  2. The Breathe Scent– for clearing your sinuses and reinvigoration.
  3. The Passion Scent– ideal for stimulating your senses and arousing your sensuality.
essio - 3 different bulbs for different moods and aromas

3 different bulbs for different moods and aromas

Each of these special scents are made from totally-natural ingredients, with no synthetic compounds or additions. The bulbs are each refillable, either with more of the same scent or a unique essential-oil blend of your own design.

The oils do not leave any oily residue on your skin, nor do they cause allergic reactions. They’re a great addition for anyone who’d love to bring the comfort of the spa to their own home!

Benefits of Essio

Essio contains many benefits, including the enhancing of your shower routine and the freshening of your bathroom.

Essio brings many benefits to your showering experience, and they’re enjoyable every single time you step into your bathroom. These benefits include:

  • Easy installation– so you don’t waste time preparing for your spa treatment.
  • Bulbs which are refillable– The convenient design means that getting more essential oils for showering scents is very easy.
  • 100% natural scents which freshen your bathroom- These make your bathroom smell wonderful and fragrant all throughout the day, and they’re not made from synthetic chemicals.
  • Improved mood and passion- You can relax and take the stress off from your day or engage your sensuality with the Passion scent.
  • Money saved in the long run-No longer do you have to spend a lot of money at the spa; save that cash and enjoy the same experience at home.

How Much Does Essio Cost?

Essio is very affordable and represents good value for money.

Essio represents fantastic value for money. The aromatherapy shower diffuser comes in three packages. The first package contains one Essio shower diffuser for $39.99. The next package comes with 2 Essio kits for $59.98. Finally, a 3-pack of Essio kits, each with a full selection of scents, costs just $79.98. This shower diffuser is very reasonably-priced for all the value you’ll add to your daily shower.

In fact, Essio are so confident that you’ll love their product that Essio also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Essio brings a new, spa-like experience to the home showering routine. Don’t wait any longer; order your Essio kit now and start relaxing and reinvigorating your daily shower!


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