I Caught My Mechanic In A Lie & Saved Thousands On My Repairs — Here’s How You Can Do It Too


There is now an easy way for anyone to avoid unnecessary car repairs — and guarantee you always get a fair price from your mechanic.

I swear, the “Check Engine” light has to be the worst invention in automobile history.

Sure, it helps you know when something is wrong… but it never tells you exactly WHAT the problem is!

It could mean a whopping $1,000+ repair bill… or it could be a minor issue that doesn’t even require a trip to the mechanic.

Ever since I can remember, that little light has sent chills down my spine the moment it comes on… it makes me feel powerless.

But recently, that all changed — and now I NEVER worry when my “Check Engine” light turns on.

It’s all thanks to a bit of spying I did — here’s what happened…

A Few Weeks Ago, My “Check Engine” Light Came On Again… At The WORST Possible Time.

I was taking my daughter to soccer practice when it happened. The timing couldn’t have been worse! I had a busy week ahead of me… so I really couldn’t afford to have my car break down.

But at the same time, I couldn’t afford an unexpected $1,000+ repair bill. Which is exactly what I knew I’d get if I took my car to the mechanic — after all, they have all the power. No matter what they tell you, you’ll never know whether or not you’re getting ripped off. Even if it IS a minor issue, how would you know?!

I felt paralyzed… and a little angry. I didn’t feel safe on the road, yet I was terrified to visit the mechanic. This made me think: Isn’t there SOMETHING I can do about this?

That’s when I had a clever idea…

Instead Of Asking Other People Like Me, I Decided To Spy On Mechanics!

I found a Facebook group for mechanics and started listening in.

Before long, I found what I was looking for — in a discussion about a new device called “FIXD”.

A mechanic was complaining about it: “I can’t believe it… another person came in with a FIXD and asked for lower prices. I had no choice but to do it…

The comment section was FULL of mechanics complaining about the same thing.

This was all I needed to research FIXD a bit more. And what I found surprised me: FIXD does EVERYTHING I hoped for — it tells me exactly what’s happening when my “Check Engine” light comes on. But it also does a TON of other things I never would have thought about!

After seeing it also had 7,000+ 5-star reviews, I quickly ordered one for myself. Watch the video below to see what happened!

Yup, FIXD Instantly Saved Me $1400 — But It Does A LOT More Than Just Diagnose Your “Check Engine” Light!

When I received my FIXD, the “Check Engine” light was still on, so I plugged it into my car immediately.

Using FIXD was super easy — within seconds, it was telling me all sorts of things about my car that I didn’t know… and it was all so easy to understand!

First off, FIXD told me that my “Check Engine” light was only on because I needed to check oil pressure sensors.

It even told me that the repair should only cost about $100. I was so relieved!

Armed with this secret knowledge, I finally went to my mechanic… and guess what? He quoted me $1500!

I didn’t want to confront him, so I just left and went to another mechanic — who quoted me the correct amount ($100).

Now, thanks to the knowledge FIXD gave me, I saved $1,400… AND I know which mechanic I can trust next time!

And get this: Our new mechanic mentioned that many shop owners ALSO use diagnostic devices like FIXD. He said he even uses FIXD himself at home — it’s a professional-quality tool, yet it’s made to be easy for “non-car people” like me to use, too.

The Best Part? Using FIXD Is So Easy!

Using FIXD is as easy as plugging a device into your car, then pressing “Scan” on your phone. If you know how to plug in a USB and use a smartphone, you’ll have no problem with FIXD!

It works on all cars made after 1996 — and the free app works on both iOS and Android.

Once you plug FIXD in and open the app, it will scan your car for issues. It’s extremely thorough, too… it scans for over 7,000 potential problems with your car.

Once the scan is complete, you’ll be notified of any issues in plain English. FIXD will even tell you how much you should pay for repair costs!

Once FIXD Is Plugged Into Your Car, It’s Easy To Save Money.

Let me ask you: Have you ever forgotten to change your oil? How about the coolant? Do you check your tire pressure regularly? What about those brake pads… do you inspect them?

Probably not! But FIXD does ALL that for you with automatic maintenance alerts!

This saves you tons of money in the long run since it’s a lot cheaper to fix small issues before they become serious problems.

FIXD even lets you turn off the “Check Engine” light whenever you need — it will come back on if there’s another issue.

It really is like having a “mechanic in your pocket”. The best part is that there are no ongoing fees — just a one-time purchase ensures you’ll save thousands over the years (even if you get a new car)!

Thanks To FIXD, My Car Is No Longer A Mystery… And I Have A New Mechanic I Can Actually Trust.

These days, I keep FIXD plugged into my car at all times.

Any time the “Check Engine” light comes on OR I need to visit the mechanic for any reason, I already know what the problem will be and how much it will cost.

In many cases, this lets me avoid the mechanic altogether. And when I DO have to go in, I already know which mechanic to choose… and I always get a fair price.

With FIXD, you don’t have to worry about untrustworthy mechanics and massive, unexpected financial setbacks. I don’t even want to think about all the money I wasted on our “trusted” mechanic. FIXD doesn’t just save me money, it boosts my confidence. That’s huge!

Update: Here’s where to find the best price on FIXD

Thank you all for your responses! We’re overjoyed that this article has been helpful to so many of you — it feels great to know we’ve helped you avoid getting taken advantage of and gain some peace of mind.

Naturally, the #1 question we received was: “Where can I get one?!”

That’s easy — simply click the button below! This will direct you to the official FIXD website.

You might think something like this would cost hundreds of dollars, right? That’s what makes FIXD so great. The founders of FIXD are 3 college kids who know what it’s like to get taken advantage of by shady mechanics. That’s why they made it possible to buy directly from their website, cutting out the middleman and expensive markups. They wanted to make it affordable for anyone so they can help as many people as possible avoid expensive auto repairs.

It retails for just $59.99 + S/H… but even better, they’re offering a special deal: For a limited time, you can get a FREE FIXD when you buy 2 — or 50% OFF your second FIXD. (It makes a great gift for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of car knowledge!).

If you compare this to just one trip to the mechanic… it’s a no-brainer! A small investment that’s less than a tank of gas could keep your car running, and not off to expensive auto shops.


Customers: Fixd works


It paid for itself the first time I used ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“We have an old Kia Sedona which my wife drives and one day the vehicle started jerking. Six months ago, we paid about 1400 when the dread engine light came up. This time I got an estimate of another $1400. So, I decided to buy FIXD, not to repair the car my self since I am not mechanically inclined, but to gain a little knowledge about the condition of the vehícle and at least to know if the mechanic was being fair.

To my horror, FIXD gave me about 8 errors, but fortunately, it came down to two parts which were sending the wrong signal to the valves. The parts cost was 160 en the labor was not that challenging. Now, the problem is gone. Total, including FIXD, $220.00, a far cry from the $1400 the the shop wanted to charge.

Mario I. Burgos

Worth the extra $ because of the program!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Just got this new toy yesterday. I bought this because I have major anxiety and I don’t like having to go to Auto Zone/O’Reilly’s any time a code is thrown. There was a lot of different items out there to pick from, but i chose the one that was a little more expensive because the program that came with it offered a lot. It arrived yesterday so I promptly took it out to my car and hooked it up and read my code like a big girl 🤣🤣! This thing is sweet!! It reads my code, tells me what is wrong, gives me a video as to how to change it/fix it myself, recommends PAL certified mechanics near me (all included in the cost of the item), and if I paid for the yearly membership ($70/yr) it would also tell me what in price range mechanics would charge for it (so I don’t get screwed over at the mechanics shop), how long it takes to fix, and give me access to their 800# for mechanical technical support in case I had issues trying to fix it myself as well as a few other bonuses! After doing all that yesterday I came inside and checked my email and low and behold it even emailed me everything wrong with my car so I can print it and take it with me to a mechanic (or email my Step-Dad to see if he can fix it!!)… Definitely worth the $60 I paid for it! If anyone is looking for a car reader tool I DEFINITELY recommend Fixd. It helped my anxiety a LOT yesterday finally reading the code on my car and finding out it’s something that needs to be fixed, but it’s nothing MAJOR… just a small issue.” 

Lauren T.

I am happy with this purchase! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I’m not sure why people have given this such a bad review. I really do think it’s helpful and fairly easy. I do get it it’s frustrating when they ask for you to pay monthly or yearly fees for extra stuff but there is plenty of free stuff too. You don’t need to pay for anything if all you need to do is check codes and clear codes. They are updating the app all the time and it’s definitely gotten better this year. Give it a shot! I think it’s nice and convenient and I leave it in my vehicle 24/7. When an issue pops up in my vehicle it immediately shoots it to my phone to let me know what it is and how to fix it and even how much it costs !”


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