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You’ve had enough of being ripped off by shady mechanics, especially when your savings account suffers from every trip. The hefty charges, for even the smallest problem, have started taking a toll on your pocket, and so it’s time you take matters into your hands. But without some technical training, it’s difficult for people to take care of their car. Maintaining and operating your vehicle can be a tedious task. Or let’s say it WAS difficult.

Maintaining and operating are hard, that's why you need fixd
Maintaining and operating your vehicle can be a tedious task

Fixd Notifies you in case of Problems

With the remarkable FIXD and its OBD2 scanner, keeping your car in perfect condition comes easy. The little device can provide the convenience of having your own digital mechanic at hand.

Need to know about the next oil change date? Don’t worry! Let FIXD handle it all. The app reminds you as the date for oil change and maintenance services approach. The app notifies you when the check engine light comes on and also provides details about the resulting issues.

With mileage detection feature, FIXD determines your car’s mileage and informs you about any approaching maintenance. The OBD2 scanner monitors your car continuously, which enables the device to detect problems early. And with the vehicle history option, you can keep a log of all your car repair and maintenance issues.

fixd device in obd2 port
Fixd. Your personal mechanic on-the-go

Digital Mechanic – In your Pocket

All of these features provide the ultimate convenience. Not only do you save money on car repair and maintenance, you get a confidence boost too. With a digital mechanic at your disposal, the power is in your hands now.

The device translates everything into easy-to-understand language. So, without any technical jargons, it’s easy for everyone to understand the maintenance and repair updates.

The auto repair and maintenance services industry garners annual revenue of $105 billion. With FIXD, you can ensure your contribution to this figure remains minimum. You stand to save thousands of dollars with this simple yet remarkable car monitor.

Mechanic Review- “It’s impressive, Unbelievable”:

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Easy to Install – Easy to Use

Using FIXD is fast and easy. You can start using FIXD with 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect the device to your car’s OBD port.
  2. Download FIXD’s free app on your phone and sync it with the device using Bluetooth. The app is available on iOS and Android.
  3. Save $1000s on car repairs as FIXD monitors your car continuously.

fixd 3 steps

Over 50,000 Fixd Devices Sold Every Month

Hundreds of thousands of people are already enjoying the benefits of this remarkable car monitor. With the incredible reviews that FIXD is getting, (just like this one of Fox News) there’s no doubt that people are satisfied with it and the many incredible features it offers. Over 50,000 devices are being sold every month! Such incredible numbers prove that this car monitor has become a customer favorite.

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How much it Costs?

You can get your own FIXD at a retail price of just $59! You can get rid of dishonest mechanics, save money on car repairs and take control back in your hands. FIXD has been a great help to millions of people around the world and it’s easy to get used to the digital mechanic. You too should give it a try to get the service you want!

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NEVER Get Screwed By A Mechanic Again

fixd device in obd2

Unfortunately, Fixd is not suitable for your car

Fixd is suitable for you car!