FlexSafe locked to umbrella

FlexSafe Review- a Portable Safe that Thieves Wish It Would Never be Exist

Have you ever been at the beach, the pool, a party or the park and wondered where to place your valuables? Most of us slyly place them in their shoes, under the towels, under the chair cushion hoping that no one notices it which has led to the loss of valuable possession. Borne out of that need, FlexSafe is the convenience and security on the go. Relaxing in public areas has never been easier knowing that your possessions are safe.


What is FlexSafe?

FlexSafe is a portable travel safe that can securely lock to almost any fixed object. It’s patented, flexible, and lightweight design keeps your phone, wallet, money, and other essential items safe from would-be thieves. It’s made from 5-layers of slash resistant material and also includes RFID blocking material to help keep your digital assets secure. FlexSafe’s durable luggage-grade Nylon is water resistant, so you never have to worry about your cash, wallet, passport or other valuables staying safe and dry. It’s so highly regarded that it was voted 2017’s No.1 Hotel Product of The Year and called a, “Must have travel safe for travelers and folks on the go” by Forbes.

FlexSafe locked to umbrella
FlexSafe. never be worried when you are in the pool

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Fulfilling your ultimate need: Convenience

FlexSafe addresses the security issue of your belongings, especially when going outdoors to the beach or the park thus allowing you to have more fun with a lot of more convenience. The reassurance it provides, whether at home or out-and-about for your personal property leads to more enjoyment because you can relax knowing your valuables won’t be stolen. Instead of constantly worrying, FlexSafe acts as a portable safe that allows you to secure valuables anywhere. It utilizes a portable, light-weight, and collapsible design makes it convenient for you to bring FlexSafe anywhere. Moreover, it will also help you avoid the pain of losing your personal belongings that may have sentimental value and having to replace them which may be expensive.

To understand the convenience offered by FlexSafe watch this video:

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Here are some interesting features that will leave you even more impressed

  • Strong impenetrable lock: The Nickel Alloy lock built to last and provide heavy-duty security. This ensures that no one can just unlock it and walk away with you back and possessions inside.
  • Slash Resistant: It is layered with durable 5-layers of slash resistant materials which are built to last. This means that it is not easy for the thief to cut the bag from its lock and get away without getting noticed.
  • RFID blocking: inbuilt RFID blocking material ensures the security of your credit cards from cybercriminals.
  • Waterproof: The durable luggage-grade Nylon keeps your cash, passport, wallet, and other valuables incredibly safe and dry. Rain or shine, FlexSafe has you covered!
FlexSafe Pic Material Layers
Material Layers that gives strong protection

Customer reviews

With FlexSafe, gone are the days when you hide your belongings in a shoe or under the towel at the pool/beach and hope for the best. Now you can relax and enjoy your vacation better. Using the product left me wondering why I had not tried it sooner. There is a huge demand for this product as it solves a particular problem that has been affecting many people for a long time. Customer feedback for the flex website is also positive with many hailing the product for changing the way they acted in public.

flexsafe Dimensions
FlexSafe Dimensions

Bottom Line

The FlexSafe is a small portable safe that you can use at home or outdoors. Also, due to its numerous features, it will help you increase the security of your items. With the Nickel Alloy lock, lock it to your beach chair, stroller or even a pole, and you can relax in peace knowing that your items are safe. With its glowing reviews from both users and even respectable publications like Forbes I recommend you buy this product especially if you a very outdoorsy person. The level of convenience offered by Flex Safe is unmatched. You can find this great product on the Flexsafe website and also get to enjoy your time with convenience.

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