glowbowl fresh- multi colors

GlowBowl Review – Turn Your Toilet Into A FUN Nightlight In 5 Seconds! (13 Color LED + Lavender Air Freshener)

With the help of GlowBowl, Say no to stumbling around your bathroom in the dark or missing your targets anymore. GlowBowl is a motion-activated lighting device that you can use to light up your toilet at night in case bright bathroom lights affect you. That said, this product is not limited to those affected by bright bathroom lights only, pretty much everyone may find this product attractive.

With the touch of a button, you will get your pick of seven distinct colors in one device. These colors include: green, white, red, yellow, aqua, purple, and blue. Better yet, with GlowBowl, you will never need your conventional bathroom lights. GlowBowl allows you to place the light where you need it most.

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Features and Specifications – Various Hard to Beat Benefits of GlowBowl

  • Fits any toilet– GlowBowl comes with a flexible arm that can take the shape of every toilet seat and will also stay in place.
  • light sensitive– This high-end product only activates in darkness. This implies that it will automatically deactivate once it dictates light in order to maximize its battery life.
  • Motion Activated– It automatically turns on when you enter the room, and Off, the instant you leave. This also allows you to save on battery.
  • Multi colors– Comes with seven different colors you can choose from.
  • GlowBowl also features a 5 stage dimmer feature that allows you to modify further and customize your experience with the color you desire.
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (They are not included in the package).
  • Comes with an inbuilt replaceable lavender air freshener which keeps your bathroom smelling good.
glowbowl fresh- multi colors
glowBowl fresh – Multiple colors, Multiple features

To whom it is suitable?

  • Old People– Old individuals tend to have a hard time navigating their way around the toilet. This usually results in these individuals missing up their targets and messing up the toilet floor. GlowBowl has been specifically designed to help such people find the toilet seat without a hassle.
  • Young Adults– As young adults, we’re always on a quest of finding ways to pimp items around our houses. With this fact in mind, GlowBowl fresh decided to design an product that’ll allow you to turn your toilet bowl into a party (disco bowl to be precise).
  • Kids– The bright minds behind GlowBowl have pointed out that this device can also be used to help small kids who use potties. The same way you would attach this to your toilet using the flexible arm is the same way you can connect it to your child’s potty and make his/her experiences fun. This may seem too far-fetched, but hey, nothing is impossible; and you never know what may make your little one smile.


So, how do I know people will love this product?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a house guest for a week, so I put GlowBowl in the bathroom our guest was using.  She raved about the device all week long. She was stunned by the fact she did not need to worry about turning on the bathroom lights in the middle of the night.

Pros and Cons of GlowBowl

  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Retails at an affordable price
  • It’s easy to operate the device
  • Leaves your bathroom smelling great
  • The perfect gift you can acquire for your loved ones
  • Ensures the elderly can easily navigate the room
  • The only con I could find is, the battery does not last too long.


To conclude,

Regardless of your age, gender, or perception, I can attest that you’ll love this product. Even better, this lighting device has been voted as the most affordable (yet astounding) gift you can acquire for your loved ones.

If you’re interested in availing the various benefits of GlowBowl, head over to its manufacturing company (GlowBowl Fresh) and place an order right away. This product is worth your hard earned $17.99. Better yet, if you acquire 3 pieces, you get 2 more at only $53. 

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