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iMemories Review – The Best Way To Safeguard Your Photos And Videos [VIDEO]

The digital era has completely customized how people keep and store their videos pictures. 10 or 20 years ago, individuals had been all about printing off and scrapbooks pictures to maintain them protected. Around this particular period was the beginning of DVD that completely customized how the home videos had been stored. Heading back a little bit further there had been the era of the VHS and slide tape. These iconic strategies for storing the memories were excellent then, but currently, with hardly any machines accessible to view all these videos and slides, most of them stay kept away in the boxes.


Top Reasons To Digitize Your Memories Now

Converting the home movies into digital will restore them easily to their genuine quality and also will maintain them significantly better and for a longer time compared to their original file format. Not to mention, film features a lifetime of 30 to 40 years whereas video is only 10 to 15 years.

The major benefit is that you can easily share and watch your old media (you can easily watch and share on Facebook) and this will definitely make a strong bond between the family members.

Another enormous reason for digitalizing memories currently is that numerous older sorts of storing info do not continue. Negatives, slides, and tapes are degrading with the passage of time. While 20 years back, this would imply the memories had been lost forever, the iMemories provides an incredible alternative to save these memories just before they disappear forever. Here’s a short video for you to figure out why you should digitize your memories without thinking about anything else.

iMemories – The Perfect Way To Digitize

iMemories is the dependable service which offers an easy and quick solution for individuals who would like to digitize their valuable slides, old photos, and home videos. This service is simple to use as well as offers the most affordable way of saving and storing stunning memories which had been once considered lost.

iMemories is a prominent company for transferring video and film digitally to DVD making use of state-of-the-art restoration technology. Finally, the results are remarkable.

iMemories is effective at converting almost any format of audio, video or film such as 16-mm, Super 8-mm, 8-mm, Betamax, mini DV, VHS-C, VHS. You can additionally convert 35-mm negatives, photos and slides to DVD.

imemories - vhs to digital
iMemories. Old memories to digital

Conversion Process Of iMemories

Here’s the conversion process of iMemories that made your memories protected and improved:

  1. Book “A Safe-Ship Kit”- It will track and protect your memories (it contains one prepaid shipping label).
  2. Now simply send your Memories to enjoy a FREE quote, after that review and say yes to your quote when you purchase.
  3. iMemories will digitize and enhance every Memory as well as ship your originals back.
  4. iMemories will turn all your home photos and movies into digital format to ensure that you can easily view, share and enjoy on every present-day gadget. You can enjoy your sweet memories on almost every device – tablet, computer, Blu-ray, DVD, TV, Smartphone and much more.

You can download everything quickly to your hard drive or PC for hassle-free access and safekeeping. On the other hand, finding, sorting, and labeling your memories has never been too simple.


How imemories digitize & enhanced your memories?

iMemories uses sophisticated technology and equipment and a professional staff to improve video and film for sharpness, brighter colors and clear images. This digital re-mastering operation includes:

  • Repairing the bad splices.
  • Inspecting as well as cleaning the video or film.
  • Fixing speed, edit the scenes, fixing for the image stabilization.
  • Creating a High Definition “frame by frame” digital conversion.
  • The color correction, boosting the contrast and lights and improve the “visual clarity”.


Major Benefits Of iMemories

  • View- You can easily view your videos and photos on any latest device with a single click of button.
  • Share- Instantly share videos and photos on the social media, email and much more.
  • You can make personalized DVDs easily and quickly through the website of iMemories.
  • Effortlessly organize and edit photos and videos with their easy “drag-N-drop” application.
  • Fix and improve the faded and broken film and photos at NO hidden COST!
  • inexpensive- iMemories is the best and cheapest option out there in the market.


Learn Why Millions of Americans Use iMemories

The concept of having simple access to the old memories may be shrugged off like a novelty, however, there are truly so many factors why customers continue sending their videos and pictures to the iMemories to get them easily digitalized.

There are many News sites such as USA TODAY, Forbes, Fox News and so on claim that iMemories is the trusted service to digitize old media.

You can also join millions of People in America those who are digitizing their old photos and videos using the iMemories and finally sharing on social media.


How Much Does It Cost?

While a considerably more accurate quotation will be offered as soon as “iMemories safe-ship-kit” is actually returned to the headquarters, buyers can have a general concept of the price of their particular order.

Besides the costs, “safe ship kit” is an extra 14.99$. However, offered with the “safe ship kit” is:

ü  Free Quote

ü  Cost-free Shipping

ü  Safe and Fast Return of The Originals

The price is actually nothing than your valuable memories. You can get iMemories easily here. Click this link and book your order now and enjoy.

Film-based to the Digital Conversion:

ü  For Videotapes = 11.99$ per tape

ü  For Movie Films = 11.99$ per 50-ft

Photos – Digital Conversion:

ü  For Photos – 0.49$ per photo

ü  For Negatives – 0.49$ per negative

ü  For Slides – 0.49$ per slide

  •  DVDs and Blu-rays
  •  CD Packaging
  •  9.99$ per DVD
  •  14.99$ per BLU-RAY

Final Thoughts

Even though you choose to not use the iMemories for converting your old sweet memories to the DVD, then you ought to get them manually converted or with some other service since your memories might be gone permanently if you delay a long time. The cost and the three weeks wait particularly for my classic memories for getting converted is the sole thing I am not much happy with, however, it is worthwhile to keep the memories safe and stored via iMemories forever.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed this tech content to a great extent. If you really enjoyed then share this post on social media with your friends. Also, don’t forget to avail the discount while you pick safe ship kit with 50% off.



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