keySmart before and after

KeySmart Review: Get Rid Of Your Bulky Mess of Keys (20 keys in 1 device!)

Pocket carrying your bunch of keys can be really painful (literally) since they are sitting uncomfortably right where you wish your new iPhone would be. As an alternative, you may contemplate on hanging them from your belt, but that’s’ not an ideal solution because the insufferable jiggling sound still reminds you that they are there.

Having said that, I do not come bearing only bad news today. In fact, I come bearing a solution: KeySmart.

What is KeySmart?

KeySmart is an original key organizer featuring a patented exclusive design that grants it a stylish, sleek, Swiss Army Knife-like look and feels.

This equipment’s ergonomic design further allows it to hold together twice the number of keys in half the space they would’ve consumed (KeySmart can hold an estimated 14 keys.)

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the Smart minds behind KeySmart designed the equipment to act as the modernized answer to the age-old keychain dilemma. This answer transforms ugly and bulky key chains into sleek, stylish key organizers.

keySmart before and after
KeySmart. Before and after

The convenience and durability part of the equation

KeySmart’s compact design permits you to slip it comfortably into your pocket. It is smaller and lightweight than a pack of gum. To make these features possible, Key|Smart (the manufacturing company) crafted and constructed KeySmart using Stainless Steel Hardware and Aircraft Grade Aluminium.

The perks do not stop there. KeySmart comes with a Laser engraved logo which sports class, and its extended design efficiently accommodates just about all keys that you can find at your local hardware store (even if its foreign and extra-long keys.)

Furthermore, this is an impressive multipurpose tool and a key organizer that will impress your family and friends. If you ever run out of stories while on a date, pop out KeySmart and you’ll be amazed by its aptitude to start an exciting conversation.

keysmart - key organizer
KeySmart. Also for your car key

So, who will love this tool?

You will love this exceptional innovation if you:

  • Are an organized and clean individual (I bet disorder drives you crazy).
  • Like keeping things tidy while saving space at the same time.
  • Carry around with you lots of keys because of your lifestyle or job. This applies to janitors, superintendents, church administrators, and many more.
  • Love tech gadgets and would like to own the coolest, most practical devices that simplify your life.

Pros and Cons of KeySmart


  •         Comfortable- Do you remember the painful feeling I talked about at the beginning of the post? The feeling resulted by a ball of spikes (keys) ready to gouge, poke, and stab you in the leg? KeySmart will rid you of that feeling and allow you to carry your keys comfortably.
  •         Convenient- Given you’ll need accessories such as USBs and Bottle Openers from time to time, you can transform your Keysmart into a multipurpose tool that sports all these equipment.
  •         High quality- KeySmart designed KeySmart to last lots of years.
  •         Style- A key organizer says something about its owner. What does yours say about you? If you acquire KeySmart, I guarantee that people will instantly tell that you’re a man of style and class.
  •         Cleanliness- KeySmart’s ultimate goal is to keep things organized, clean, and in an orderly fashion.
  •         You’re at liberty to choose from five different colors: Red, Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink.


I honestly could not find a disadvantage.

The Bottom Line

While researching for this blog post, I came across a remark where lots of individuals were complaining because most Smart Pocket key organizers do not come with sufficient space that can fit car keys. If you’re one of these individuals, worry no more because KeySmart has got you covered.

This KeySmart retails with a free loop piece that you can avail to attach your car keys; regardless of their size. What are you waiting for? If you’re not using KeySmart already, head over to its Manufacturing Company right away and acquire your piece at an affordable price. I promise you won’t regret this choice.


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