Crowd GPS allows you to locate your items even in other country

XY Find It review – You’ll Never Worry About Losing Something Important Again (up to 4X louder)

Sometimes we are so focused on getting things done that we misplace the small things that are important to us. Mostly, it’s our keys, but isn’t it frustrating considering the amount of time we lose trying to find lost things?

Many people have flocked to XY Finder It because it’s so convenient for such situations. This stylish loss prevention device will help you keep track of your items – keys, bags, purses, pets, you name it. One user even put it on their child’s shoes because the little guy kept misplacing one shoe 😄

XY4+ Find it. The ultimate use is for key tracking

How it Works?

This tracker is the size of a coin, with a small hole for attaching your items. It works via Bluetooth by mapping the last synced location of your device. If it is out your range, it’ll send you alerts.

For example, if you attach it to your keys and happen to forget them as you leave a coffee shop, it’ll beep if you’re out of range. Then you’d have to go back and get them.

You first attach the XY4+ Find It to the item you intend to track. Then you install the Find It app, which you can download for free Android and IOS. Then set it up with your item and you’re good to go. There are no other charges.


Here are some of XY Find It features that will help you find your items faster:

  • Geo-location – Through the app, you can use your phone’s geolocation to find items within a 300ft range.
  • Sound Alerts – In case you can’t find your item, you can just ‘sound the alarm’ and XY find it will make a sound that’s loud enough for you to pinpoint the exact location. This comes in handy especially when an item is out of sight. If you’ve misplaced your phone, the XY Find It app has a setting that will make the phone ring even if it was on silent mode.
  • Durable – It’s made of tough synthetic material with a replaceable battery that lasts for over 5 years.It is also water resistant, but don’t get tempted to submerge your items.
  • Crowd GPS  The Crowd GPS feature will blow your mind away. It connects you to other XY Find It users, creating a community through which you can locate lost items. Through the Crowd GPS network, someone else can find your device if it’s within their range. You get to see the list of other users available in the area where you lost your item. You can share its picture with the closest XY  Find It users, making it easier to identify in case they come across it. If say, you forget your keys in a subway in New York, there’s no possibility of finding them. However, if an XY find it user happens to be around the item’s beacon, it’s signal will be logged. This way, you’ll know where to get your keys. By harnessing the power of modern technology, this simple device can give you the last known location of your item, even when it’s out of Bluetooth range.
Crowd GPS allows you to locate your items even in other country


The XY4+ Find It comes in three options. There’s a one pack, that goes for $40. The most popular is the 5 pack, with five beacons that come with different colours. It goes for $150. You can also get the 8 pack at $225. It all depends on the number of items you want to track simultaneously.

Bottom line

You no longer have to lose your peace of mind trying to remember where you last left your item. Through your smartphone, it gives you a more reliable option by letting you know when an item is out of range.

If you’re constantly misplacing things, this is an inexpensive solution to make sure you don’t have to worry about losing things again.


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